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Randall (Japanese: ランディ Randy) is one of the characters of the day in Kindergarten Chaos!. He is one of the students in Penelope's kindergarten class. Randall doesn't have anything against Pokémon, but he is shown to be very timid around them.

While the other kids were enjoying playing with Ash and his friends's Pokémon, Ash noticed Randall in the distance running away. The principal tried to get him to meet the Pokémon, but he was reluctant to get close to Froakie or Dedenne, even when assured by Ash and Bonnie there was nothing to be afraid of. Randall then revealed his fear of Pokémon was due to a previous incident. Before then, he had been quite curious of Pokémon. But when he tried to bond with a Hoppip, it jumped away in shock. Unknown to him, the real reason the Hoppip jumped away was not because of his presence, but because a Beedrill appeared right behind him, scaring it. Even with more reassurance from Ash and co., Randall was still convinced that Pokémon were scary.

Suddenly, Team Rocket pulled up in front of the school disguised as children's entertainers, causing everyone to run up to the entertainment, with Randall being dragged along and up on stage. When Team Rocket's scheme was revealed, everyone else escaped, but Randall, along with Pikachu, Froakie, and Penelope's Sylveon were left in the stage truck on their getaway. While in the truck, when he realized Sylveon and other Pokémon were friends and not tricksters, Randall finally got over his fear of Pokémon. Therefore, he desired to help save the captive Pokémon with Ash, which they both accomplished with force. After Ash defeated Team Rocket, Penelope took them back to the kindergarten. After sharing his story of saving Pikachu and Sylveon to the class, Randall reiterated that Froakie and the other Pokémon were his friends, which Ash seconded. Upon bidding farewell to Ash and friends, both agreed to have a battle in the future.

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