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Reddick is a member of The Consortium. He made his way to real estate and construction.


Reddick first appeared at a Providence facility with the Consortium. Requested to show up, Black Knight made preparations to shown him a presentation about the Nanite Project and the meta-nanites. To her dismay, Reddick wasn't so impressed by any of her notions.[1]

Eventually, wanting to get his hands on the master control nanites, Providence went out of their way to capture Rex, who had a meta nanite in himself. He was placed in the cyclatron with the Consortium and Rex, being infused with a master control nanite. However, in the middle of the process, Rex caused an error to take place, causing him to only get one fifth of the abilities. When getting infused with the nanite, he gained the ability to manipulate gravity. The group and Rex then engaged into a short battle. With his abilities, he formed a large mechanical robot with his group and battled Rex to the point where he could fight no longer. Rex was rescued and the Consortium went to wreck havoc of their own.[2]

When Rex came for another brawl, the group defeated him once more. Wanting to reattempt the process, it all failed due to Rex grabbing control of all the nanites him self. After a world wide cure, it is assumed that Reddick was cured as well.[3]


Due to being given a Meta-Nanite, Reddick gained the ability to manipulate gravity. With this power, he had the ability of creating a dome shield around himself, he also possessed the ability of flight. However, it's unknown if this shield would protect him from any physical attacks, though. He also has the ability to lift objects with a simple gesture, propelling Rex through the air with ease. He could also use a simple body gesture to cause an entire building floor to fall apart, causing it to collide.[3]


Season Three 

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  • 320. "Endgame, Part 2"


  • Reddick was granted what was approximated to be one-fifth of the actual amount of power he could have had, therefore manipulating gravity to a greater extent.