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Echoes (エコーズ Ekōzu) is the Stand of Koichi Hirose, featured primarily in Diamond is Unbreakable and Vento Aureo.

Rare among Stands, Echoes takes three distinct forms called "ACT"s, which Koichi may call upon alternately.

Echoes' second form increases its sound abilities beyond its first form's capabilities. Echoes can write a sound effect on any surface. However, unlike ACT1, it is only able to shoot sound effects from its tail, limiting it to only one sound effect at a time. When the sound effect is touched, an effect related to the sound is produced, either affecting the person who touched it or the object which the words are inscribed on.

  • Hyooo (ヒョオオ) - A strong wind is produced.
  • Doguon (ドグオン) - The toucher is knocked back a great distance.
  • Byoyon (ボョヨオン) - The object becomes elastic and bouncy.
  •  (ジュー) - The object radiates heat and will burn upon contact.
  • Dorarara (ドラララ) - An attack rush of Crazy Diamond shaped fists attack the enemy (Eyes of Heaven only)

Enhanced Speed: Foreshadowing the speed of ACT3, ACT2 gains a massive increase in speed - fast enough to give the impression of disappearing into air.

ACT3's signature ability is 3 Freeze ( Surī Furīzu), with which it applies a "freezing" or stopping effect by greatly increasing the weight of its target by punching it, typically adopting a fighting stance while joining the hands together while doing so and producing an aura. For example, Killer Queen's Sheer Heart Attack is forcibly sunk into the pavement by this ability, and, according to its user, the effects were as if there were 40-50 kilograms of weight on his left hand.

The weight increases has several limitations. Firstly it can only affect one target at a time. Secondly this effect lasts only if the target remains within 5 meters of ACT3. The closer the target is to Echoes, the heavier it feels.