Revolio Clockberg, Jr., also referred to as Gearhead, is a recurring character who first appeared in the episode Ricksy Business. His character is a representative of "social gearheads", people who know a lot of technical information about gears. In Gearhead's case, it's information about the Gear Wars and engineering. He is a guest at Rick and Summer's party and can play an instrument similar to a lute. 


Gearhead is first seen explaining the Gear Wars to Rick, as Morty anxiously paces the house. To escape talking to Gearhead, Rick calls Morty over and uses him as a distraction. Gearhead then begins to tell Morty about the Gear Wars. Later in the episode, he is seen playing a musical instrument to an admiring crowd, one of the onlookers being Jessica.

He appeared again in Mortynight Run, where he helped fix Rick's Shipsaucer. But when he found out that the "Fart" he was holding hostage was worth millions, Gearhead betrayed Rick and Morty, and threatened to kill him. He reveals that he never liked Rick, and that "Gearhead" is a racial epithet. Rick kicks him in his "gearsticles", and takes them out, switching them with the gears in his mouth.


  • Name comically-inspired by real-life actor/politician Antonio Sabato, Jr.
  • Gearhead's instrument may have been inspired by the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Way to Eden".
  • Gearhead keeps in his workspace a copy of Queer Gear, which appears to be a gay magazine.
  • It is revealed in the Rickstaverse mini game, Bang Box, that Gearhead can shred people into a pool of blood with his gearsticles, if they come into contact with someone while they are turning.
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