Rick O'Connell was portrayed by actor Brendan Fraser, and was voiced by actor John Schneider in the animated series.

If the events in Like Father Like Son occurred in 1934 A.D, at which time Rick revealed that his father left his family twenty years back from 1934 when Rick was Alex' age (ten years old in 1934), are any indication, Rick's age in that time period would be thirty-one, and he would have been born in 1903, making Rick nineteen when he joined the French Foreign Legion, twenty-three when he killed Imhotep in 1926 and thirty when he killed the Scorpion King in 1933; Rick, however, is revealed in the novelisation of The Mummy Returns to have an already slightly greying scalp, an odd trait for a man in his prime.

Rick O'Connell revealed that he had grown up in an orphanage, but in each of his appearances in which he stated this, the location of the orphanage differs. In the novelisation of The Mummy Returns, O'Connell stated that he was in an orphanage in Hong Kong, while in the film, he explained that he was in an orphanage in Cairo, and in the television series, O'Connell said that he was in an orphanage in Chicago.

It remains unclear what became of Rick and Evelyn O'Connell following their adventures in the Valley of the Gods, as the series was cancelled due to Chaos! Comics filing for bankruptcy and ending the series at issue 1.

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