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Morty has a nervous crush on a girl at school named Jessica. On the night of the Flu Season Dance at his school, Harry Herpson High, his desire leads him to ask Rick for a love serum to make his interest in Jessica requited, and Rick acquiesces, giving him a serum derived from voles. Upon Morty giving Jessica (who, unbeknownst to Morty, has the flu) the serum, it latches onto the flu virus and goes airborne, spreading through the entire planet in a matter of minutes and causing every person not directly related to Morty to fall in love with him. In an attempt to counteract the DNA used in the original serum, Rick makes an antidote from mantis DNA, but the serum fails, instead causing the world's population to mutate into monstrous mantis-people, all of whom want to eat Morty after mating with him.

As these events transpire, Jerry, feeling insecure about his relationship with Beth, follows her to work after she is called in for a late shift. En route, Jerry finds the road blocked by the chaos created by the mantis-people; when they attempt to force Morty's whereabouts out of him, he escapes and kills them with a shotgun. Arriving at the equine hospital at which Beth works, he finds Beth cornered by her raving, infected co-worker; after Jerry kills him, the two reconcile their marriage.

Hiding from the infected population in the desert, Rick makes a third virus to try and undo all the previous ones. But as the virus was amalgamated from various DNA sources ("Koala, rattlesnake, chimpanzee, cactus, shark, golden retriever, and just a smidge of dinosaur," in Rick's own description), it only further mutates the world's population into barely humanoid blobs. Dubbing the monstrosities "Cronenbergs", Rick decides the situation is beyond repair; rather than make another attempt to fix the world, he instead finds another dimension in which two specific events occurred: alternate versions of themselves successfully created a working antidote, and also died soon afterwards. Rick and Morty enter the new reality, the latter visibly traumatized by the transpired events and his counterpart's gruesome death, and they bury their alternate selves in the backyard before quietly assuming their place, leaving no one but themselves with the knowledge of what has actually occurred.

In a post-credits scene, Jerry, Beth, and Summer being the sole normal humans left in the ruined world, a Cronenberg version of Rick and Morty appear from a dimension where Cronenberg Rick accidentally turned the whole world into normal people.

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