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Rimbor is a planet noted for being inhabited by criminals and smugglers, and for having a constitutionally corrupt government.[1]The polity is formally known as the Polygloture of Rimbor.

History Edit

2010 Edit



Six members of the Justice League—Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkwoman and John Stewart—were sent to Rimbor by the Light during their time under mind control.[3] They went on a rampage for an entire 16 hours, and declared to all aliens in several different alien languages that they were the Justice League, and that the rest of the galaxy should beware.[4] Their actions caused them to be considered wanted criminals, and by extension, every member of the League was unwelcome in the entire sector.[3]

2016 Edit


APRIL 2, 20:04 UTC

As Superman explained his case to the Tribune, the other five heroes who went on a rampage and the ones who accompanied them to the courts watched. In the crowd, two Kroloteans watched and discussed why the savages didn't bribe the court. During the trial, a news bulletin appeared for all the aliens in the crowd, notifying them of the Reach's presence on Earth. Elsewhere in the crowd, Vandal Savage coaxed the figure sitting next to him to go to Earth because the Reach were there. When the figure walked out of the room, the crowd stopped watching the trial to watch him.


JUNE 20, 00:16 UTC

The High Court of Rimbor found the Leaguers guilty as charged. Miss Martian, Superboy and Adam Strange arrived with evidence of their innocence after the verdict was delivered.[5]


JUNE 20, POST-10:16 UTC

The High Court reconvened to hear the new evidence. Although they conceded that the evidence was compelling proof that the League was innocent, the Tribune made it clear that he expected "more". Superboy and Miss Martian attempted to convince him of the future benefits of delivering a fair verdict in the high profile case.


JUNE 20, POST-11:16 UTC

As they awaited the court's decision, M'gann apologized to Conner for her recent actions. The Tribunal reconvened and found the League innocent, ordering their release. M'gann, Conner and Adam left Icon to finish up and headed back to Earth.[5]


JUNE 20, POST-12:16 UTC

The freed Leaguers walked Rimbor's streets when holographic messages from Vandal appeared, warning all aliens against invading Earth. To back up his threat, he flew the Warworld on a close pass of Rimbor.[5]


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Background in other media 

  • In DC Comics, Rimbor is the home planet of the Legionnaire Ultra Boy.
  • The exterior shots of Rimbor are reused designs from the planet Cadmendoh in Green Lantern: First Flight.