Rochelle (Japanese: ヒイラギ Hiiragi) is a one-time character in the Pokémon anime who appeared in Roll On, Pokémon!. As Ash was attempting to capture one of (unbeknownst then to him) Rochelle’s Donphan, she stepped in front of the battered Donphan and declared that it was enough, and that she should report them to Officer Jenny. Brock then approached Rochelle romantically, asking what her name is, with Rochelle subsequently telling him. Brock noticed the necklace she wears, and noted that it is beautiful. Rochelle thanked him, and told him it is amberite. Rochelle is affectionate towards her Donphan, as when searching for one of the Donphan Team Rocket captured she used the term ‘sweetie’. Rochelle appears to be somewhat unobservative, or difficult to faze; since when Ash asked her who the captors of her Donphan looked like, she stated ‘a talking Meowth’ without the usual puzzlement. When looking for amberite, Rochelle tells her Donphan it is time to find amberite, holding her amberite necklace to their upraised trunk. The Donphan will then lift its trunk into the air, sniffing for amberite. When it finds some, it will run towards the source of the amberite and ram repeatedly into the base of a rock cliff, causing a chunk from the upper sections of the cliff to fall

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