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Rocket Red was a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.


He was among heroes recruited to join the expanding Justice League. Rocket Red was part of the second line of defense team trying to stop Amazo's advance but was easily defeated right after the latter tore off his arm-mounted mini-gun weapon and punched him away. When Firewas herself beaten by Amazo, Red Tornado used his wind power to stop her from hitting the ground while Rocket Red took her to safety.[1]

Background information 

The depicted subject bears the likeness of Rocket Red, but was never named on-screen. Joaquim Dos Santos does refer to the character as Rocket Red in the commentary of The Return, and an action figure was made that bears the name.

The Rocket Red Brigade was a superhero team created by the Soviet Union with help from the Green Lantern Kilowog, who found communism similar to Bolovax Vik's communal society. The Rocket Red Brigade preformed valiantly alongside the Justice League during the Invasion! story arc. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, several pieces of the technology fell onto the black market.

The most popular and prominent character to wear the Rocket Red armor was Dmitri Pushkin, who served with the Justice League International. During one mission, Pushkin's original armor was torn to pieces by Lobo. However, upon arriving on Apokolips, friends of Big Barda provided Pushkin with new armor that was superior to his old armor. Rocket Red's look in Justice League Unlimited is based on the second set of armor from Apokolips.


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