Ruffington is a supplier and smuggler of many weapons.


Ruffington in the 2003 animated series developed as a character. He first appeared in the episode adaptation of the comic. Ruffington in this incarnation was pursued by a detective of the New York City Police Department, because he had been involved in illegal arms deals. Before the detective could secure tangible evidence, Ruffington used his influence to have his adversary reassigned to the archives, and have his reputation destroyed. This bittered the detective so much that he turned to vigilantism and as the masked crime fighter Nobody continued to hunt Ruffington.

Ruffington then one night made a deal to sell modified Triceraton cannons to Hun (and thus indirectly the Shredder) but had a run in with Nobody. With the help of Leonardo and Michelangelo, Nobody caught him and got him shipped off to prison.

Ruffington was put into jail but somehow managed to get out and in "Dragons Rising" he informs Hun that Neo-Tech will be delivering a new shipment of goods that night and demands his standard cut. He makes weapons which makes him dangerous!

The Lost Episodes

He appeared in The Lost Episodes, as the Tengu Shredder began to annex New York City, helping the Purple Dragons. He participated in the battle against the hordes of the Tengu Shredder. He was last seen running away screaming from two Kappa Tengu. His current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Nobody's Fool!
  • Nobody's Fool (2003 episode)
  • Dragons Rising
  • Enter the Dragons, Part 1
  • Enter the Dragons, Part 2
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