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Rune Haako was a Settlement Officer of the greedy Trade Federation that appeared in Star Wars Droid Tales: Exit from Endor and Star Wars Freemaker Adventures: The Embersteel Blade. His role in the canon Star Wars universe as Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray's right hand man is taken instead in the Star Wars Droid Tales series by Daultay Dofine. In Freemaker Adventures Season 2, he is seen alongside Dofine at an Imperial auction (this contradicts with the Star Wars Saga in which Haako is seen being killed on Mustafar by Darth Vader).

Exit from Endor

When the Viceroy contacts his mysterious benefactor Darth Sidious, his lieutenant Rune Haako can be seen on the chair facing Gunray's at a table aboard the Viceroy's Droid Control Ship. He is seen being both amazed and scared by the sudden appearance of Darth Sidious's apprentice Darth Maul. Later, he is seen alongside the Viceroy as a pilot aboard the same craft when the people of Naboo send in numerous starfighters to destroy the ship and stop the Trade Federation's occupation.

Separatist Crisis

Haako was seen among the Separatist Council.

The Embersteel Blade

Haako and Dofine are seen at an Imperial auction when the Freemaker family disguises ittself so it could search for parts for the Arrowhead vehicle.


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