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Ryuji Suguro (勝呂 竜士 Suguro Ryūji), also called Bon, is an Exwire at the True Cross Academy, where he is Rin's rival and a prodigy in the class. He is the only child of Tatsuma, the Head Priest of a temple that was destroyed during the Blue Night. Because of this, he swore that he would defeat Satan.

Abilities and Powers


  • Seal of Self-protection against Monkeys (被申護身の印 Hikō-goshin no In): After reciting "     " and performing a series of hand seals, Ryuji creates a shield that blocks attacks and can banish demons. It is first used against a Naga.[2]
  • Bodhi ( Bōdi): After firing his bazooka, Ryuji recites, "      ," along with a series of hand seals and creates a shield of light with the Sanskrit for "Buddha" (बुद्ध) at its center. It is said to bring judgement on those with faith, but is unsuccessful when used on a Chimera Zombie.[3]The chant is based on the Buddhist Mantra of Light.


  • Fatal Verse Judgement Bullet (致死節判定弾 Chishi-Setsu Hantei Dan): Bazooka ammunition that can bring judgement on a variety of demons even if the fatal verse or the type of demon is unknown.[4]


  • Karura (): A fire demon, it is contracted to the Suguro bloodline.[5]
  • Varuna (): A water demon.[6]
    • Clear Mirror, Still Water ( Meikyoushisui): Varuna creates a mirror from water. It is first used to show a Chimera Zombie its own appearance.[7]
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