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In the episode "Deadly Beauty", Vegeta threatens to blast Android 18, who is standing several meters away from him on the road. A truck drives behind Android 18 and the driver yells for her and Vegeta to get out of the middle of the road, as he has a truckload of paperclips he needs to unload. With no regard for the safety of the driver, Vegeta shoots a Big Bang Attack at 18. Naturally, she dodges and the blast hits the paperclip truck and blows it up, killing the driver. Android 17 comments that he likes to see destruction such as this. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Android 13, and the logo on his truck's passenger door closely resembles the insignia of the Ginyu Force. It is worth noting that, due to the nature of his death at the hands of Vegeta, he is never wished back to life in the original series.

In the dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z Kai, the driver is left alive instead of dying from Vegeta's attack, as he can be heard exclaiming "Dude, my truck!!" as the explosion subsided. It is possible that he got out the truck before it exploded, in the Japanese version he actually doesn't say anything.

In the Japanese original version of this scene, there's no reference to the content of the truck.

In the episode "Blackmail", a big truck with a similar-looking driver nearly collides with Great Saiyaman in Satan City. Both this driver and the paperclip driver are wearing a hat that says "98CIAL".