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When Saburota was young, he consistently tried to do his best in his work as a way to impress his two older brothers and gain recognition from his family members. However, it seems that his older brothers outdid him even more. This led to him being treated differently by his family and a strong hatred towards his older brothers and family members grew because of it. This was the reason he began having ill sentiments about Exorcists[2][3] and ended up joining forces with the Illuminati.

Powers & Abilities

Saburota has claimed the titles of Aria, Tamer, and Doctor[11] but has yet to show this. Because of his Demon abilities, he has faster reflexes.

Shadow Manipulation

Saburota can create a physical body double from his own shadow[12] and can disappear into shadows.[13][3]


Saburota is able to regenerate any injuries on his body at a fast speed, almost as fast as Rin's recovery speed. However, his regeneration can be limited somewhat by rain.

Flame Manipulation

Saburota can manipulate the flames he acquired from Karura. He is shown throwing them in a knife-like form towards Yukio and Tatsuma Suguro. When being attacked by Ucchusma's fire, he can absorb the flames. Wherever he runs or jumps, the flames surround and follow him. He is limited in how much fire he can absorb, as seen when his body began to break down when he absorbed too much of the fire.

Superhuman Strength

Saburota is seen is to have brute strength.


  • He belongs to a famous family of Exorcists.[11]
  • His Exorcist's license has been revoked.[11]
  • The Order has issued a warrant for his arrest.[11]
  • His pastimes and talents include tracking down local Japanese sake brews.[11]
  • His average bath time is 3 hours.[11]
  • His favorite phrase is "Lonely on a straight road" (from the haiku by Santoka Taneda).[11]
  • He does not listen to music.[11]
  • He spends his days off with a bowl of soba noodles and a cup of Japanese sake.[11]
  • The streak of white in his hair changes sides from time to time.
  • It can be seen upon close inspection that his glasses are bifocals.[14]
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