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The Saiyan Saga started out with Raditz coming to Earth to look for his long lost brother Goku.


  1. Raditz vs. Piccolo
  2. Raditz vs. Krillen
  3. Raditz vs. Goku
  4. Raditz vs. Gohan
  5. Great Ape Gohan vs. Piccolo
  6. Saiyan Invasion of Earth
  7. Destruction of East City
  8. Saibamen vs. Piccolo
  9. Saibamen vs. Krillen
  10. Saibamen vs. Tien
  11. Saibamen vs. Vegeta
  12. Saibamen vs. Yamcha
  13. Saibamen vs. Gohan
  14. Nappa vs. Chiaotzu
  15. Nappa vs. Krillen
  16. Nappa vs. Tien 
  17. Nappa vs. Gohan
  18. Nappa vs. Piccolo
  19. Nappa vs. The News Crew
  20. Nappa vs. The Earths Air Force
  21. Nappa vs. The Navy
  22. Nappa vs. Goku
  23. Nappa vs. Vegeta
  24. Vegeta vs. Goku
  25. Great Ape Vegeta vs. Goku
  26. Great Ape Vegeta vs. Gohan
  27. Great Ape Vegeta vs. Krillen
  28. Great Ape Vegeta vs.Yajirobe
  29. Vegeta vs. Gohan
  30. Vegeta vs. Great Ape Gohan
  31. Vegeta vs. Yajirobe


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