Santa Claus is Christmas personified, a jolly old fat man with a white beard and red suit who brings presents to children every year on Christmas Eve. The Teen Titans ended up his naughty list. Despite being nice all year, singing songs together, and mailing their address information, the Titans remained on the list. After three years of no presents, they decided to infiltrate Santa's workshop on Christmas Eve and take their names off the list. Robin found the list but was unable to get rid of their names on account of Christmas magic. Santa and his pet dog caught Robin. The Elf Security Guards brought the other Titans to them. The Titans admitted their problem and Santa tried to tell them the true meaning of Christmas wasn't presents but spending time with family and friends, forget one's troubles, and be nice to each other. They disagreed.

Robin pointed out the toy factory outside. Santa claimed it was just for fun and meaningless to the holiday. Robin blew up the factory. Santa did not relent and used it as an opportunity to prove his point. They sat down by the fire place. The mood became awkward. Santa realized he was wrong and presents mattered. He thanked the Titans for helping him realize presents were the true meaning of Christmas. He lamented he acted like a monster deciding who and who doesn't get presents. Raven used her magic to return the factory. Santa declared it a Christmas miracle and toys were made for all children of the world, even the garbage ones. The Titans accompanied Santa on his sleigh and distributed presents, even to villains like Killer Moth(Teen Titans Go!), Dr. Light, and H.I.V.E. though he still thought they were terrible.

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