Sardath is a Rannian scientist and the father of Alanna.[2]


Sardath is a reserved Rannian scientist. He is stern and abrupt in speech, but has a level of respect for the stranded alien Adam Strange. The Rannians and its government are xenophobic towards aliens, especially humans, but Sardath does not share their opinions. He has a close relationship with his daughter Alanna, and tolerates his daughter's affections for the Earthling Adam Strange.[3]

Physical appearance 

Sardath appears to be a middle-aged Rannian male. He is bald, with yellow skin and pointed ears. He wears a white coat with a black strap bearing some sort of insignia, and protects his eyes with green goggles.[3]


Early life 

Sardath is a brilliant Rannian scientist living in the planet's capital city Ranagar with his daughter Alanna. Sardath's field of research is enhanced Zeta-Beam technology. Due to the xenophobic nature of the Science Command he was forced to keep his research secret.[3]


The Zeta-Beam technology was stolen by the Kroloteans, but he was unable to report the theft. During his investigation of the theft Sardath accidentally connected with the Justice League's Zeta-Beam system and teleported the human scientist Adam Strange to Rann.[2]

After many months they developed a means to communicate, which involved mainly hand signals.[3] Sardath showed his research to him, and explained what had occurred. He gave Strange a Zeta-Beam detector before sending him back to Earth to help the investigation.[2]



JANUARY 4, 22:17 UTC

Adam Strange returned to Rann, with reinforcements: Zeta Squad, consisting of Miss Martian, Superboy andBeast Boy. Miss Martian provided them with a psychic link, allowing Sardath to fully explain his findings. Alannawould serve as a guide to the group to seek out the Kroloteans, while Sardath would work on his solution, theZeta-Shield. It would trap any Kroloteans on Earth, and prevent further arrivals.

After several hours, Adam Strange returned, but without the others. He had distracted Science Patrol to give the others a clean escape from the city. Sardath was surprised to see him back so soon, but even more surprised that with the telepathic link gone, they could no longer understand each other.[3]


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Background in other media 

  • This is Sardath's second animated appearance. He first appeared in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
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