Scary Terry is one of the main antagonists of the Rick and Morty episode, "Lawnmower Dog". He is a reference to Freddy Krueger and tends to say "bitch" at the end of nearly everything he says.

He appears when Rick and Morty are hopping into other people's dreams after an effort to get Morty's math teacher, Mr. Goldenfold, to give Morty A's in math, put the two in danger of Mr. Goldenfold's dream. He chases after Rick and Morty, trying to kill them. As Rick and Morty flee, Scary Terry keeps telling the two that they can run but they can't hide. Rick decides to hide, believing that if they could hide, Scary Terry wouldn't tell them. Six hours pass in the dream world and Scary Terry gives up trying to find them and goes home. It's revealed he has a wife and child but is very stressed out.

When Scary Terry falls asleep, Rick and Morty enter his dreams and finds out Scary Terry has nightmares about his time in high school. He was late for class and missing his pants. In class, the teacher asks Scary Terry what to say when chasing a victim in a pumpkin patch, to which Scary Terry nervously says, "Bitch," making the teacher angry. Rick and Morty, even though Scary Terry terrified the two, stand up for him and tell Scary Terry he's putting too much pressure on himself, ending Scary Terry's nightmare.

Scary Terry wakes up and sees Rick and Morty and is happy to see the two. Scary Terry's wife says she's never seen her husband so relaxed in a long time. Grateful, Scary Terry asks Rick and Morty if they need anything to just ask. Scary Terry enters the dreams of everyone Rick and Morty went into and eventually reach Mr. Goldenfold's dream and Scary Terry scares Mr. Goldenfold into giving Morty A's in math.

At the end of the episode, Rick is with Scary Terry, enjoying drugs.

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