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Catwoman was adapted for animated series Batman: The Animated Series, and would also appear in the series The New Batman Adventures and the short featurette Chase Me, set in the same continuity from the DC Animated Universe. In the two animated series, the character was voiced by Adrienne Barbeau.[70] The character design for Batman: The Animated Series was as a long-haired blonde look (based on Michelle Pfeiffer's appearance when she played Selina in Batman Returns) when Selina wasn't wearing her costume, and the costume itself was a predominately gray catsuit based on the costume used in Batman Returns as well, and with long black gloves and high-heeled boots.

When The New Batman Adventures went into development, the characters were redesigned. In the case of Catwoman, this resulted in an all-black catsuit, blue-white face make-up and short black hair. The first series establishes Catwoman as a socialite and animal rights activist in addition to a costumed thief in the early appearances. Beyond this, no backstory or actual origin is provided within the series. The series does play somewhat on the relation between Batman and Catwoman. She had a crush on Batman, but tried to keep her distance between her and Bruce Wayne, who had asked her out as Selina Kyle.