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The Shadowkhan are tribes of ninja-like shadow spirit warriors from the Shadow Realm. While some are reminiscent of ninjas, most simply look like creatures wearing black suits.


The Shadowkhan first appeared in the first season, working for Shendu. It was revealed in the fourth season that they are from Japan, and that there are many different types, each controlled by an Oni Mask.

Powers and Abilities

All Shadowkhan tribes can travel through shadows and are deadly each in their own way. The nine tribes' combined power can engulf the Earth into eternal darkness and erode all good magic.


Shadowkhan can be summon in several ways through a dark magic spell, through the use of an Oni Mask or through the tattooed Mark of Tarakudo. Tarakudo and his Oni Generals have the ability to summon their respective Shadowkhan naturally.

Tribes of Shadowkhan

  • Ninja Khan
  • Razor Khan
  • Bat Khan
  • Sumo Khan
  • Samurai Khan
  • Squid Khan
  • Crab Khan
  • Mini Khan
  • Mantis Khan


Season 1

  • The Dark Hand
  • The Mask of El Toro Fuerte
  • Enter the Viper
  • Project A, for Astral
  • Bullies
  • Tough Break
  • The Rock
  • The Tiger and the Pussycat

Season 2

  • Through the Rabbit Hole
  • The Warrior Incarnate
  • The Stronger Evil
  • The J-Team
  • Queen of the Shadowkhan
  • Armor of the Gods
  • Demon World (Part 1)
  • Demon World (Part 2)

Season 3

  • Sheep In, Sheep Out

Season 4

  • The Masks of the Shadowkhan
  • Samurai Ratso
  • The Amazing T-Troop
  • Black Magic
  • The Demon Behind
  • Fright Fight Night
  • Half a Mask of Kung-Fu
  • The Shadow Eaters
  • Ninja Twilight


  • The specific varieties of Shadowkhan are not officially named in-universe; this wiki refers to them by some common nicknames.
  • Shadowkhan can use Talismans even if they're not commanded to. A Ninja Khan was seen using the Snake Talisman to fight Jackie and Viper in Enter the Viper.
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