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"How Groovy" is a song by Shaggy Rogers. Shaggy daydreamt about falling in love and starting a family with Crystal, after he met her in the New Mexico desert.


I met by chance a girl in bell-bottom pants and she likes to say "Groovy"

She came out of the blue And in an instant I knew Everything would be Groovy

For her, I'd climb a mountain Swim the deepest ocean I'd even help her shopping That's the depth of my devotion

It will be A dream come true She's even got a doggy for Scooby-Doo!

How groovy Just us two So groovy ([Scooby:] Don't forget Scooby-Doo!) Groovy Our love will never be blue

I'll take this girl On a tour of the world Going port to port (Groovy)

We'll spend all our time Every single last dime At the best food courts Groovy!

Her smile's so bright it lights up My romantic feelings And best of all she's so tall like, I won't have to reach for high things!

And even when I'm chasing ghosts I'll quit in time for dinner Six o'clock at the most!

How groovy Just us two So groovy ([Scooby:] Don't forget Scooby Doo!) Our love will never be blue

She'll cook me all my favorites Six or seven helpings And when it comes to say "I do" We'll have a tie dye wedding

Our house will be So very fine We'll fill it up with stuff from 1969!

How groovy Just us two So groovy And Shaggy Jr. too! Groovy And maybe some baby dogs too ([Scooby:] Aww, heeheeheeheeheehee!)

How groovy (groovy) So groovy (groovy) How groovy



Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders

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  • This is the first song heard during a fantasy moment.