Shisami (シサミ, Shisami) was an elite solider serving Sorbet.


It is stated by Sorbet before Frieza's invasion of Earth, that Shisami possesses a power level comparable to that of Zarbon and Dodoria in their prime.

Shisami is the strongest soldier in Frieza's army.[3] By the time of the invasion of Earth he is shown holding an advantage over Piccolo, thanks to having greater power than the Namekian.[3] He is easily defeated by Super Saiyan Gohan in a single blow, which greatly surprises Sorbet - who believes that Shisami being defeated so quickly should be impossible.[3]

In Dragon Ball Super, by the time of Frieza's revenge, Sorbet states that Shisami has become the strongest soldier in Frieza's army, he proves strong enough to deflect a barrage of energy blasts from Gohan, and then trapped the latter in a bear hug. However, despite his power, Shisami is killed on a single shot from Tagoma - who through training had become the true strongest soldier in Frieza's army.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly using ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave. Shisami fired a purple Ki Blast at Piccolo during their battle. Also used in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Pressure Point Attack - During his battle against Piccolo, Shisami utilized a chop to the Namekian's neck, knocking him to the ground.
  • Bear Hug - A hold used by Shisami against Gohan in an attempt to crush his spine, however he fails as he is shot in the back by Tagoma.
  • Pump Up - In response to Gohan fully powering up. Shisami bulked up his muscles to try and keep a hold of the Saiyan-Human hybrid.
  • Bull Tackle - Shisami rams into the enemy at high speed. His super attack in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Power Tackle - A dashing tackle attack originally used by Gotenks. It is Shisami's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.
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