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Slam Adams is a member of the Boston Terroriers.

Physical Appearance

Slam Adams in armor looks like a high-tech version of the Revolutionary soldier during the American Revolution. with a bit of a Captain America motif.


Slam Adams appear to be somewhat a dim whit, only using brawn instead of brains.


An unnamed thief was stealing an old woman's purse and got easily outnumbered by the Boston police after seeing Spider-Man and was sent to jail. Later he and the other two criminals were freed by Ollie aka Steel Spider and was given an armor which he took the name "Slam Adams".

Then he and his teammates battled and chased Spidey around Boston for their leader and nearly won if not for Spidey forgiving Ollie. As soon as he and his teammates heard of the 10 million reward from J. Jonah Jameson by the web head's mouth, they immediately rebelled against their leader and battled the two spiders.

He was the first to be defeated and sent to jail.

Powers and Abilities

Slam Adams has no powers but relies on his armor which gave him:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman agility
  • Superhuman durability


  • Slam Adams' Armor


  • 207. "Spidah-Man!"