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The big antagonist of Bleach.


He can control all 5 senses of a person.

  • Ability to Control the Size of your Zanpakuto 
  • According to Aizen, humans with no sense of Spiritual Pressure can't feel his, or Gin's own Spiritual Pressure and there bodies can't survive long while in contact with there Spiritual Pressure.
  • Arrancar Powers
  • A Soul Reaper is able to form a bond with a Zanpukto by learning it's name and forming a Union. The Zanpukto is born with it's Soul Reaper and Dies with it's Soul Reaper. 
  • Fused with the Hogyoku
  • Higher State of Consciousness 
  • High Speed Regeneration 
  • Hogyoku
  • Hogyoku's Will
  • Sense A Hollow's Spiritual Pressure 
  • Soul Reapers Soul 
  • Soul Reaper Spirit Ribbons 
  • Spiritual Pressure
  • Transcends Both Hollow and Soul Reaper.
  • Two Dimensional Beings can Never Interact with Three Dimensional Beings, no Soul Reaper or Human will ever be able to detect my Spiritual Pressure. Unless I deliberately bring my Powers down to there Level of Awareness.  


  • According to Aizen, no one has ever had a promotion from Captain to Central 46.
  • According to Aizen, the 13 Court Guard Squads Captain all possess enough strength to be a Military Force all on there own.
  • Central 46's initial Punishment of Sosuke Aizen was imprisonment for 18,800 years in Muken, the eighth and lowest level of the underground prison. When Aizen opened his mouth they increased his punishment to 20,000 years.