Marvel s Avengers Assemble Terminal Velocity Clip
13speed time

An upgrade given to Speed Demon by Nighthawk.


What? Well, this is a surprise. Don't worry, the world hasn't slowed down. You've been sped up, by me. Didn't mean to do that, but I guess that's another new power I've got. Since Nighthawk gave my powers a boost, this is how I see the world. Best part? We're moving so fast, no one can see us. I call it "Speed Time."

But if Nighthawk gave me enough power to bring you into Speed Time, I'm betting he gave me enough power to fast-forward you to the end of your life. Iron Man! You don't get it. We're moving so fast, he can't see you or hear you. Like I said, predictable. Smash you! Can't smash what you can't touch. What did you do to me? Well, not the effect I expected. Hmm, you're supposed to be all "poof!" No more, a pile o' green dust. Hulk makes energy. Can't destroy energy. No worries. Let's wind you up and count you down, gamma freak. (HULK ROARS) More damage. But how? Jarvis, run a trace on Hulk. JARVIS: Already have, sir. However, the results do not make sense. Try me. JARVIS: His energy readings are all around you. You are standing in a veritable cloud of "Hulk. " First off, ew.Second, what? JARVIS: Also, gamma-radiation in the Tower is spiking to dangerous levels.

All right, Jarvis, scan again. Add a new filter. I wanna see in the gamma-spectrum. JARVIS: I believe Hulk was attempting to send a message, sir. Scrub back, and slow down 99%.

Jarvis, frame by frame. JARVIS: Yes, sir. Zoom in on Hulk. Hulk's radiation's been accelerated. Looks like Speed Demon's turned him into a gamma bomb. Worse yet, if Hulk doesn't find a way to release that power, goodbye, New York.

Jarvis can you find the current location of Hulk and Speed Demon? JARVIS: No, sir. Their velocity is too fast for my sensors to trace. However, Hulk's gamma build-up is increasing at an exponential rate. I was afraid of that. If we can't find him, we can't save him.

Jarvis, I got it. This isn't random destruction. He's leaving a trail. Where are you going? The helipad? The Stasis Field Generator? Hulk, you're a genius. Supposed to impress me? Supposed to stop you.How'd you get into Speed Time? You're not in Speed Time. Thanks to the Stasis Generator, you're in "Avengers Time." My Speed Enhancement Belt, you ruined it! (GROANING) (WHIMPERS) Quick thinking on the Stasis Field, Hulk.

Even without his belt, he's still faster than any tech I've got up my sleeve. What are you doing? Speed energy's gotta go somewhere, don't it? Sure, that's the basic law of Physics.

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