Spike is a Purple Dragon member with red spiky hair in the 2003 TV series and through this association an enemy of the Turtles. This great character was created specifically for the 2003 animated series. He occurs only in the first three seasons of the series. He appeared in several adventures of the Turtles as a lesser antagonist. In his first appearance, he and other members of the Purple Dragons fought the turtles but were defeated by the turtles.

Some time later, he fought Michelangelo as a member of Dragon Face's gang but was defeated by him. Later he fought Casey Jones with two baseball bats, after he caught him spray-painting graffiti but was defeated by him. Afterwards, he faced Leonardo and Raphael in the Purple Dragon cage match. Spike was defeated by Leo in the cage match

While he debuted in the series' very first episode, his name wasn't given until his final appearance, in The Christmas Aliens, where he andSunny and Two Ton hijack a truck full of “Lil’ Orphan Alien” dolls that are supposed to go to an orphanage, but are stopped by Michelangelo. His whereabouts after the reorganization of the Purple Dragons as a result of the disappearance of the Utrom Shredder is unknown.

In the episode City Under Siege two Purple Dragons members are taken out and referred to as Spike and Bam-Bam, though neither of them resemble the Spike from the original seasons of the 2003 series.

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