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Starfire's Knowledge is a source of infinite wisdom and trivia that takes hold of Starfire's brain. In the episode "Knowledge", this minor villain is abusive of its power, making Starfire a huge bummer. She is voiced by Hynden Walch


Because of her naivety, Raven (Teen Titans Go!) granted Starfire's wish of superficial knowledge. By wearing a magical π necklace, she gained mass wisdom overnight, and after that, she was able to comprehend basic figures of speech and more.

However, this excess of knowledge caused her to be a bummer just like Raven, and one day, when Starfire's brain had expanded to a ferocious size, Raven confessed that she aided her magically...The Titans shrunk down in the T-Sub and started exploring her brain. As they dug deeper in, Robin tried to destroy some purple strands of pure knowledge, but after severing them, they simply grew back. They had to resort to finding the source.

In the prefrontal cortex or something, the Titans closed in on a huge mass of purple unnatural knowledge. From the bottom of it spawned sort of a mini-version of Starfire- Starfire's Knowledge. After trying to blow it up with some inaccurate missiles and painless lasers, the knowledge blasted the Titans with a bolt of wisdom. But then, Raven hypothesized that they could use IGNORANCE to stop Starfire's Knowledge. So, the heroes started acting really foolish, much like Starfire usually did. This severely weakened the brain knowledge, and as a final blow, Robin exploded it with a huge laser cannon. Starfire's knowledge splattered all over the T-Sub's windshield, but luckily they had windshield wipers.


Starfire's Knowledge is like a miniature version of Starfire, but completely purple and with a big brain and glasses and neurons around it. The glasses have vibrant green lenses, muck like original Starfire.