Steves shadow

Slightly jealous of his friends after they have gotten babysitting jobs and can afford the curly fries at school, Steve tries to get a job of his own, but Francine rejects the idea, thinking he's not ready. When Roger decides he needs to operate his prostitute persona out of the house after Rogu deep-throats a tub faucet, Steve volunteers to work watching Rogu just to prove to Francine that he can handle it. But when he slips Rogu a piece of candy contrary to Roger's instructions, he coughs up more versions of himself. As Steve tries to get help, Klaus allows them to eat more candy, which increases their numbers. Trying to pacify them by playing a music video, they merge into a giant size Rogu and, distracted by the flashing sign at the Shark's Nest, heads out toward a Bazooka Sharks game where Francine is as part of her mom's club.

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