Brian: Oh my God Stewie, it worked! We're in Vegas.
Stewie: Yeahhh, alright! So let's hit the hospital, get checked out for teleportation cancer and then part-tyyyy!
Unlucky Stewie: I've got a bad feeling, Brian.
Lucky Stewie: I've got a good feeling, Brian.
[Peter climbs a ladder toward a beehive]
Peter: I'm gonna get me that honey.


  • This is the third episode involving cloning where Brian or Stewie are cloned. The first being "Quagmire's Baby" and the other being "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair".
  • "Luck Be a Lady" by Frank Sinatra plays while Lucky Stewie and Brian go around Las Vegas.
  • Although the FOX press release states that Brian and Stewie use the time machine to travel to Las Vegas, the episode actually features Stewie inventing a teleportation device. It also states that Brian and Stewie go to Las Vegas to see a Bette Midler concert, they actually go to see Celine Dion.[2] The DVD commentary reported that neither were ever actually scripted as such.
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