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Sublime was the leader of the U-Men, trafficking in mutant organs as per an arrangement with Dr. Sasaki. Later, it is revealed that U-Men were members of the Inner Circle.



Interference Proof Mutant Scanner: Provided by Yui Sasaki, this arm mounted scanner can detect mutants in the area without suffering the same disruption as others from Dr. Sasaki's jamming device.


Anti-X-Men Armour: A large suit of powered armour specifically designed to fight the X-Men including magnetic pods to stop Wolverine and energy dampening shields to stop Cyclops among other adaptations.


  • He is called "Jake" in the Japanese version of X-Men Anime, the name "Sublime" originates from the English dub of the anime.


  • It is unclear if this Sublime is Earth-101001's equivalent to John Sublime, or simply a human with the same name. Given that the name "Sublime" only exists in the English dub of the anime and was not present in the original Japanese version, it is likely the latter, and that the name of the U-Men's leader was changed in localization to be closer to the original portrayal of the U-Men from the comics.