The Reanimation Jutsu uses a Sacrificially body as a vessel to contain a Dead Person's Soul. Which is forced back into life. It was believed that only the 2nd Hokage and Orochimaru knew how to use it.   

Earth Style combined with the Reanimation Jutsu.


I have no other Choice I have been restored to life by a Reanimation Jutsu. And I must obey the will of he who casts the Jutsu. I will Kill anyone who interferes.  

According to Sakura Reanimation is a Advanced Jutsu.  

This Jutsu requires living human bodies. This is categorized as a type of Summoning Jutsu. It involves Summoning the Soul of the dead back from the afterlife, and bringing it back to this world. To achieve that you need a certain amount of flesh. Taken from the person you want to revive. Any tissue that contains personal identification material. Without it the Reanimation Jutsu won't work. However Spirits that can't be found, for example those that have been sealed away in another place cannot be revived in this way. 

But harvesting there personal information is read ordeal. It is essential just Grave Robbing. Sometimes they are so rotted you can't even tell who it is. This tag suppresses free will. Once given certain commands the revived recovers all abilities possessed during life. Killing the caster won't stop the Jutsu. You manipulate the controller of the Reanimation Jutsu to weaving the Signs: Dog, Horse, and Tiger and uttering release. Your other choice is to seal away the revived souls. 

Who is the caster of Reanimation Jutsu? "My name is Kabuto. In his Collaborator. Speaking to me through a Reanimation link, what a sneaky one you are. Your reanimation is quite special. Your now even greater then during your glory days. Show me your Legendary Uchiha Power.  

This Reanimation Jutsu will not come undone even if you kill me. I'm the only one who can stop it. This Jutsu has neither risks nor weaknesses. The Reanimation Jutsu can't control whats in the Heart. You've desecrated souls that were Purified. Can you understand the pain of the dead that are forced to fight. The Pain of the living is even greater then there's is.  

Reincarnated Shinobi

  1. Hashirama Senju
  2. Tobirama Senju
  3. Minato Namikaze
  4. Zabuza Momochi
  5. Haku Yuki
  6. Gari
  7. Pakura
  8. Jinin Akebino
  9. Chiyo
  10. Asuma Sarutobi
  11. Hayate Gekko
  12. Deidara
  13. Ginkaku
  14. Kinkaku
  15. Nagato Uzumaki
  16. Yahiko
  17. Konan
  18. Madara Uchiha
  19. Itachi Uchiha
  20. Tatewaki
  21. Yota
  22. Kimimaro Kaguya
  23. Mu
  24. Third Raikage
  25. Dan Kato
  26. Chukaku
  27. Daimaru the Red Cloud of the Dust
  28. Yagura

Training Episodes

  1. The Reanimated Allied Forces
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