Super Robin is a reoccurring character in the series. He is an American robin with all of Robin's special abilities that cameos throughout the series after being introduced in "Super Robin". Since he is often seen stealing food and other objects, he is a minor anti-hero.


As seen in "Super Robin", Super Robin was a normal robin (bird) that Robin captured and experimented on. He becomes an eagle-like bird after fusing with Robin's DNA, and leaves the tower when Robin's experiment ends in failure.

Because Super Robin underwent Robin's intensive training, he has all of Robin's fighting skills and his own mini gadgets, like the grappling gun and staff. Super Robin uses his skills to his advantage by stealing food every so often. His deadpan look and serious skills are a running gag. He communicates by making quick and sharp movements with his wings. He was dubbed the "Best Robin" in "The Best Robin".

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • Super Robin (debut)
  • Lazy Sunday (cameo)
  • Birds (cameo)
  • Little Buddies

Season 2

  • Brian
  • The Best Robin (cameo)


  • Super Robin's resemblance to the American bald eagle after fusing with Robin's DNA is a mythology gag regarding Robin's direct embodiment of American patriotism. Robin, along with Batman and Superman, is one of many well-known characters in the American universe of DC Comics.
  • In the episode "Birds," Super Robin is seen briefly trying to woo and attempt to kiss Raven, only to be smacked in the face.
  • Super Robin has died once, in the episode "Little Buddies."
    • His death, just like all deaths in the series, isn't canon.
  • In "Brian," he joins forces with the other little buddies to save the Titans from The Brain. He also seems to be the leader of the team.
  • He seems to be attracted to both Raven and Starfire. As seen in "Birds," he attempted to kiss Raven and also offered her chocolates in a heart shaped box. While in "Brian," he has shown to impress Starfire with his dance moves.
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