Surgeon General Tafani is the lead surgeon at the Duel Arena. She mentions that Jaraah performs surgeries as well, and is known by his nickname, "The Butcher". She also employs twonurses, Sabreen and A'abla, to assist her in her surgeries. She, along with Jaraah and the nurses, can heal players if they have lost life points. They can heal players who are not playing the minigame, and can be useful to players fighting in the nearby area. The healing is free of charge. She does not heal poison though. Tafani, as the master of Constitution, sells the Constitution cape to members with level 99 in Constitution.


  • The term Surgeon General often refers to a government official with the responsibility for the health of medicine.
  • The symbol on the medical apron and the nurse's hat worn by Tafani and her nurses is a red Saradomin symbol. This symbol may be a reference to one of the emblems used by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, an international humanitarian movement with aims to protect human life and health. The emblem, a red cross on a white background is the original protection symbol declared at the 1864 Geneva Conventions. This emblem is used in armed conflicts to mark persons and objects (buildings, vehicles, etc.) which are working in compliance with the rules of the Geneva Conventions.
  • Shortly after the Hitpoints to constitution update, she would still offer to sell a hitpoints cape. This was fixed the next day.
  • Tafani is one of only five female NPCs that sells a Cape of accomplishment, the other four being Hunting expert, Kuradal, Larriar andOrla Fairweather.
  • When she heals a player she appears to be using the same animation that is used to pickpocket a NPC.
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