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Sylvester (Japanese: ナオト Naoto) was the character of the day in A Farfetch'd Tale.

He and his boss Yosaku (father in the English dub) live in the Ilex Forest. They cut down trees and use them to make Charcoal. Sylvester tried to use his Farfetch'd and its Cut attack to cut down a tree, but it wouldn't listen to him. Ash told him that this was because he commanded it to use Cutting Attack, rather than Cut.

After it was stolen by Team Rocket, Sylvester helped save Farfetch'd. Realizing that its Trainer cared about it, Farfetch'd began to listen and helped Sylvester cut down trees for Charcoal. As a way of expressing his thanks, Sylvester and his father gave Ash and his friends some Charcoal.

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