Real Identity: Tahvaarus Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps Appearances: Flight Club Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring and Archaeology Voiced By: Not Applicable 

Tahvaarus was an archaeologist later chosen to become a Green Lantern. He made the long journey to Frontier Space in search of the code to the fabled Lighthouse but went missing. He was imprisoned by the Spider Guild and shared a cell with Byth Rok. Tahvaarus had indeed discovered the lost code and shared it with Rok. Eventually, Tahvaarus was killed with a mind-altering device. Before his death, Tahvaarus supplied Myglom with a false code and scratched a message into his slab. The message instructed those interested in the code to seek out Byth Rok. Some years later, Hal Jordan's group arrived in search of him. They found his ring and corpse in Level H, Sublevel 6D. Kilowog took custody of his depleted power ring but it was later stolen by Rok.

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