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Taiko and his fellow comrades notoriously established order in Konohagakure under the orders of his lieutenant Sasuke, with Taiko enjoying the villagers' fears a lot. However, when he violently attempted to arrest an old woman, he was interrupted by the Hokage's son Naruto Uzumaki. Seeing his lieutnant being intimidated by his old friend's newly acquired strength, Taiko tried to ask him about what to do, to which Sasuke ordered him to act more independently. Soon Taiko and his fellows realised that letting the Hokage's son go led to the Police Force losing respect among the villagers, so they took it upon themselves to break into the Hokage's home to settle things, which ended in a failure and was deemed by the Police Force's leader Fugaku an "idiotic behaviour". All the while, Taiko assured to have acted for the clan's sake before being brought into custody. Some time later, while Konohagakure was imprisoned by Nagato, Taiko was ordered to secure the civilians alongside the rest of the Police Force.

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