9 tails

Naruto and Minato are able to create full-size replicas of Kurama. Whereas other jinchūriki's Tailed Beast Modes cause them to fully transform into their respective tailed beast, Naruto and Minato's are only an alteration of their earlier chakra cloaks, made to resemble Kurama: the replicas are the same translucent orange color and have similar dark lines all across its body.Minato is able to enter this form directly from Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, while Naruto must initially first enter Kurama Mode. Naruto is initially limited to only using this form for five minutes because he hasn't perfected his bond with Kurama, but with practice they extend this to eight minutes, and then again to some unspecified limit.

While Tailed Beast Mode is active, Naruto and Minato hover within the construct's head. They can in fact allow others to enter the construct as well, extending its protection to them and allowing Kurama to heal their wounds and replenish their Chakra. Because it isn't a proper transformation, Naruto and Minato can still use their other jutsu from within this form, such as the Rasengan and Shadow Clone Technique, and can even use the construct's tails as chakra arms. Kurama is able to speak through this replica and can be granted control of it; in The Last: Naruto the Movie, Naruto is shown manifesting the construct separately from himself, which he gives control of to Kurama.

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