The Court of Owls has trained you since you were a child and lifted you out of the gutter.  


I had a Batman in my life. He was a thief. A damn good one. And from a very young age, he made certain I was too. I was his shadow. His echo. I worshiped him. And more than anything, I wanted to please him. And did you?No. No matter what I did, how hard I tried, I was never good enough. But what could I do? Not long after that, I was recruited by a secret society, the Court of Owls. They took me in, raised me, trained me. Gave me strength and purpose.

Men like this don't deserve to live. I won't finish it for you this time. The decision has to be yours. My respect for Batman and all he's achieved is high. But there are lines he won't cross. Perhaps out of fear or some misguided moral code. There are no lines I won't cross in order to reach my goal. So you've come to Gotham to do what Batman refuses to do. Eradicate crime and criminals once and for all. No lines. No limits. No rules. You're saying the end always justifies the means? If the goal is a worthy one. Who decides what's worthy? That takes an exceptional human being.

Super Powers

They survived outside the caskets for more than eight hours. The group before that lasted only three. And by studying our failures, we've refined the resurrection process. These men will be able to live for a full day before returning for regeneration. Immortality.


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