Tatsuki Arisawa is a student at Karakura High School, and is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki, her childhood friend and former karate partner.


Tatuski is very level headed most of the time unless provoked and uses her great strength to beat up anyone that bothers her or her friends. Tatsuki is very insightful into Ichigo’s personality, having been friends with him from a young age. She dreams of becoming a Karate champion and is already ranked as the second strongest girl in her age group. Her most obvious feminine trait is that she makes a point of writing her name using Hiragana (たつき) as she believes her name is cuter written in that style as opposed to Kanji (有沢 竜貴). Tatsuki is Orihime Inoue’s best friend and constantly protects her from men looking for a date, not doubt only interested in Orihime’s large breasts, as well as Chizuru Honsho, the school lesbian, who often attempts to sneak up behind Orihime and grab her breasts. Tatsuki has protected Orihime since middle school when she beat up a group of bullies that were attempting, once again, to cut Orihime’s hair. After this Tatsuki swore that she would protect Orihime from anyone that made her cry. Like most of Ichigo’s friends, Tatsuki is spiritually aware and can clearly see Wholes, Hollows, Shinigami and other such supernatural occurrences, though she lacks any spiritual powers of her own. She is strong enough to survive most spiritual attacks that would kill ordinary humans and was even able to survive the Arrancar Yammy Rialgo’s Gonzui, thought she was severely weakened. Tatsuki is able to sense Orihime’s presence so powerfully that the connection can even cross detentions as she stated that she could feel Orihime’s presence while she (Orihime) was in the Soul Society, though she remarks that she hasn’t been able to sense Orihime since she was taken to Hueco Mundo.


Tatsuki is the more boyish friend of Orihime Inoue and with her small frame, smaller breasts and boyish attitude is somewhat of a contrast to the Orihime. Her short dark hair is kept spiked out on the sides in line with her boyish attitude and mannerisms. She is usually seen in her school uniform or Karate outfit.