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When Team 2 is first formed it consists of Itachi Uchiha, Tenma Izumo, and Shinko Inari, all fresh Academy graduates. The team develops a stellar mission record during their first year, earning them the honorary task of escorting the Land of Fire's daimyōon one of his routine trips to Konoha. Tenma is killed by the masked man during the mission, and Tenma's death convinces Shinko to withdraw from the life of a shinobi. They are replaced by Yōji Aburame and Himuka Suzukaze, themselves newly graduated.

After only a few months of the team's new roster, Itachi leaves due to his promotion to chūnin. Yōji disappears without explanation shortly after that. Himuka stays on, and once yet two more new team members are found, Team 2 resumes its mission load under Yūki's leadership.

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