250px-Team Flare Admins anime

A pair of Team Flare Admins, one male and one female, made their debut in A Meeting of Two Journeys!. They were seen on an island with Xerosic and some Team Flare Grunts, conducting an experiment with a prototype weapon utilizing some Zygarde Cells and the Mega Evolution energy previously collected by Team Flare.

The Admins appeared again in Unlocking Some Respect!, helping Xerosic with experimenting on Z2.

Some Admins appeared in A Full Strength Battle Surprise! where they were using a machine to create some giant roots in a forests that an Officer Jenny came to investigate.

A male Admin appeared in Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare! and Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!, where he was seen with Lysandre and later with Lysandre and Mairin, as they all were in a private box in the Lumiose Conference stadium watching the final battle between Ash and Alain.

Multiple Admins were seen in Down to the Fiery Finish!, where they used a machine that altered Z2's mind so that it would listen to Team Flare. A male Admin was seen in A Towering Takeover!, leading Alain to Xerosic in the Prism Tower.

Multiple Admins appeared in XY135.

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