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When Naruto returns to the village after two-and-a-half years, he, Sakura, and Kakashi form a "Reborn Team 7" (新生第七班, Shinsei dainanahan).[3] Kakashi gives them another bell test, but this time the only objective is to demonstrate how their skills have improved. As the team's first mission, they are sent to Sunagakure to rescue the Fifth Kazekage from Akatsuki, for which task they are reorganised into the Kazekage Rescue Team upon arrival in Suna. During the course of the mission, they learn of an opportunity to reunite with Sasuke, but Kakashi overexerts himself and needs extended bed-rest when they return to Konoha. Because they have only a limited amount of time to make to use of the intel, an Anbu codenamed Yamato is assigned as Kakashi's replacement. To provide additional manpower to the team, Sai of Root is added to the team as Sasuke's replacement.

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