Temacu (Japanese: ヒメカ Himeka) is the character of the day in The Heartbreak of Brock. She has quite an unusual name. She explained to Ash and his friends that it's a combination of the first letters of the following Pokémon: Teddiursa "Te" (Japanese: ヒメグマ Himeguma "ヒ" "Hi"), Mareep "ma" (Japanese: メリープ Merriep "メ" "me"), and Cubone "cu" (Japanese: カラカラ Karakara "カ" "ka"). Temacu is one of the few girls to fall in love with Brock. During the episode, she tripped as she was running to catch her Nidorina and nearly fell into a fountain, but Brock caught her in time. Since that moment, she "knew" that she had to marry Brock and even started to picture what their wedding would be like. Instead of Brock being overjoyed by this, he acted very confused and unsure. However, Temacu's feelings for Brock didn't last long. Team Rocket attacked her father's laboratory and captured what they thought was a Pokémon, but it was actually Temacu. As she tried to get out of the balloon, she nearly fell again, but James was there to catch her this time. This caused her to fall in love with James instead and now she wanted to marry him. Thinking that they could get their hands on the Pokémon at the lab through Temacu's infatuation with James, Jessie and Meowth forced him to play along, even if it meant that he had to marry her. James was not at all comfortable with this idea. To accommodate the new plan, Team Rocket changed outfits and made up a story about James having saved Temacu from "terrorists" to tell to her father. Once Brock found out that Temacu had now fallen for James, he was crushed, since by this point he was starting to fall for Temacu. Soon, Misty pulled off Jessie's disguise, exposing the trio and prompting them to run away. When they were trying to escape, Misty ordered her Poliwhirl to attack James with Water Gun. Temacu, worried for James's safety, jumped in front of the Water Gun attack and then fainted. Later, Temacu's father explained to Ash and his friends that she had recently seen her cousin get married, which was why she was so obsessed with getting married herself. Temacu eventually woke up, only to fall in love with the first man she saw: her doctor, who had helped her to return her to her senses.


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