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Temacu's father (Japanese: ヒメカの父 Himeka's father) is a character of the day who appeared in The Heartbreak of Brock. He is the father of Temacu and a Pokémon Professor. When Temacu fell in love with Brock for saving her from falling in the water fountain, her father went to Ash and his friends as he saw that Temacu had an interest in Brock. After that, he took the group to his laboratory in order to stay over for dinner and tea. Later, when Team Rocket attacked the laboratory and stole his Pokémon, he found out that his daughter ended up being the one captured instead of the Pokémon. Temacu's father was mentioned by Team Rocket when they had the chance to try their operation again. With Temacu gone, her father sent out a search party which included Ash and his friends. While they were searching for his missing daughter, Team Rocket, in disguise, returned Temacu and pretended to be the ones who stopped the kidnappers.After Team Rocket's second defeat, he revealed to the group about Temacu's habit of wanting to get married which was due to the fact that she saw her cousin get married. He then waved his farewells to the group as they headed off to the next town.

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