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The High Priestess is the birth mother of the Daughters of Aku, as well as the leader of the all-female Cult of Aku.


Her true appearance is unknown, but a silhouette of her was shown when she was giving birth to her seven daughters. She was briefly seen from the back as she is being dressed in her outfit, and it is seen that she is slim and has long black hair. Like other members of the cult, she wears a black robe, pink female mask, and a head covering with horns resembling Aku's.


She proves to be merciless, even to her biological daughters, as she punishes them violently if they make any mistakes, and subjects them to the most brutal of training even when they were mere children. The closest she come's to showing any of them affection is when she briefly referred to Ashi as "my sweet Ashi" when she was little. Her only loyalty lies with Aku, believing that her daughters will be able to kill Jack and gain Aku's favor, and as such, she tells her daughters to focus on their mission rather than each other's well beings, and that if any of them fall behind then they are weak and deserve whatever fate is dealt to them.


  • Enhanced Endurance: The High Priestess gave birth to her septuplets with little difficulty. After doing so, she was able to get back immediately without any signs of fatigue.
  • Enhanced Agility: The High Priestess is able to jump on the top of a rock formation with such nimbleness without losing her balance.
  • Skilled Assassin: Although she has yet to show any skills in assassination, she proved that she could trained her daughters to be top-notched assassins. She also did a good job in erasing any compassion or distractions they have that keeps them from their mission.
  • Leadership Skills: She did lead the other cult members in overseeing the training of her daughters into Anti-Samurai Jack assassins.