The Professor is a friend of the Turtles. His first appearance was in the 2003 TV series episode Garbageman. He is a homeless elderly man who lives in a shantytown, and due to his moniker, may have once been a college or university teacher, or may simply just be well-learned. The Turtles give the Professor useful clothing and in return the Professor gives the friendly mutants things like old computer parts and comic books. During these exchanges, the Turtles noticed that there seemed to be a few less homeless folks around those days. The Professor tells them that people have been disappearing and the rumor is that somebody named the Garbageman is responsible. TheTMNT think he is joking, but Donatello tells him to keep them posted on any further disappearances and then they ride off in the Battle Shell. However, the Professor won’t get any chances to pass any information to his turtle friends, because later that night a garbage truck invaded the shantytown and grabs the remaining homeless there, including the Professor! The Professor was captured by the Garbageman and is taken to be a slave on his Island Landfill. Fortunately, he and the other homeless people are freed by the Turtles soon afterwards.

After the Garbageman was defeated the Professor and other homeless people voted to stay on the island. In the episode "Worlds Collide, Part 1" Don meets the Professor, who has been keeping the Shredder’s helicopter hidden for the Turtles. He would later attend the wedding of April O'Neil and Casey Jones in Back to the Sewer where he played the piano.


  • In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Way of the Ninja trading card game, Professor is erroneously called Professor Honeycutt. This is fixed in the third release of cards.
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