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The Scotsman's wife was mentioned in a few episodes however her first appearance was in Episode XVII Jack and the Scotsman, Part 2. And she's voiced by Ruth Williamson.


Before her appearance the Scotsman uses many romantic metaphors to describe his wife as being the most beautiful woman on earth. This description was quite contrary to the truth, as she was actually taller, and more muscular than her husband. She also had deep red hair, harsh green eyes, a boil on the side of her cheek and a discoloured tooth.


The wife's personality is an extreme version of her husband's. She was louder and much more crude and was also exceedingly demanding. She also had a fierce temper, which made even her husband shudder at the thought of angering her. She deeply hated being called fat or when anyone made a reference to her size. Doing so would enrage her to the point that she would go into a frenzy and destroy whoever insulted her and everything that stood in her way. She did however love her husband and despite chastising him for his sweet talk enjoyed it immensely, and curtseys to Jack when formally introduced.


The Scotsman's wife first appeared when Jack was helping her husband free her from a clan of mechanical demons who were planning to eat her. When they found her, she barraged them with an array of weird insults because they were late while her husband just stood there love struck. While they were trying to fight off the demons, Scotsman's wife got angry and took out the entire demon clan after Jack and her husband gave up due to being tremendously outnumbered. After their defeat. Jack was impressed by her strength and praised her, much to her delight. However, Jack accidentally made a crack at her size, which immediately caused the Scotsman to warn him to run while attempting to quell his wife's rage.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength The Scotsman's wife was an incredibly powerful fighter. Her strength was so great that she could punch through metal and when enraged and rip it apart with her teeth. She could also punch the ground so hard as to create a shock wave that was capable of destroying everything around her.
  • Enhanced Endurance The Scotsman's wife displayed endurance that outclassed both her husband and Jack, such as when she had destroyed her demonic captors single handedly when both The Scotsman and Jack had given up due to sheer exhaustion, however this was in part due to the Leader of her kidnappers referring to her as the fat female thus causing her to transform into an unstoppable incarnation of wrath.