The Whisperer is a supernatural being who prefers for things to be quiet. For eons, the Whisperer tried to rid the world of all sound so only she could be heard. But despite her strong magic, she still needed a half demon to rub her stomach and complete the ritual. In modern times, the Whisperer sensed Raven's frustrations with the other Teen Titans being so loud and appeared to her in her bedroom. She misled Raven and granted her wish after a tummy rub. The Whisperer placed all sound in an ornate box. The Titans soon discovered all sound in the world was removed. Raven tricked the Whisperer by passing her a message with 'Azarath Metrion Zinthos' and restored the Titans' voices. Annoyed Raven pooped on the gift of silence, the Whisperer returned to her mountain home.

The Titans discovered they could imprint their own sounds on objects. But it didn't work out too well. Raven consulted her Ancient Legends book and found the location of the Whisperer. After a long and dangerous journey, the Titans entered the Whisperer's home. Raven tried to grab the box but it was an illusion. The Whisperer appeared and admitted she was amused by their attempts to make sounds. They were so bad, the new sounds would further encourage everyone to stay quiet. The Teen Titans performed their dish band and annoyed the Whisperer with their terrible music. The Whisperer couldn't take it and surrendered then gave the box to Raven. She released all sound back to the world.

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