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He was the Third Raikage of the Village Hidden in the Clouds. 


  1. Black Lightning
  2. Cloak of Lightning
  3. Lightning Straight
  4. Teleportation Jutsu
  5. The Piercing Four Fingered Thrusts of Hell
  6. The Three Fingered Assault

Super Powers 

Its entirely out of our control. Are bodies have been automatically programmed to counter an enemy's Jutsu. And I am a Lightning Style user. Line up your Earth Style Shinobi to use them as a Shield. And attack with your Wind Style Shinobi. I am not in control of my Body.

I use Lightning Style. And when I arm myself with Lightning Style my speed and defensive power exceed the limits that my body normal puts on them. So unless you attack with Wind Style you'll never be able to stop me.

The Third Lord Raikage was blessed not only with Speed, and Power, but also extraordinary physical resilience. Even Long Distance Wind Style Attacks the only ones that can reach him can not deal him a decisive blow. We need a more powerful Wind Style user.

The Piercing Four Fingered Thrusts of Hell: Lord Thirds most powerful Ninjutsu. He pulls Lightning Chakra into his fingertips the strike compliments Lightning Style just perfectly. Just like Kakashi Senseis Lightning Blade and Sasuke's Chidori. He took dozens down by himself in an instant. The fewer the fingers he uses the more focused the energy and thus the Thrusts of Hell gets more powerful. Its the Third Lords Invincible Spear and he can handle it because his Lightning Style also makes his body impenetrable. Its his Ultimate Shield.

He didnt even flinch against my Rasen Shuriken. He was wounded when he stopped the Eight-Tails. Not even lord Fourth knows the details. Ordinary attacks wont effect him.