Bruce Wayne's father from the DCAU. 


  • Thomas Wayne appears in Batman: The Animated Series, voiced by Richard Moll (in "Nothing to Fear", "Dreams in Darkness" and "Two-Face") and Kevin Conroy (in all other appearances). In this version, Thomas and his wife are murdered in Crime Alley an unidentified murderer. The murder is only occasionally alluded via nightmares. In the episode "Nothing to Fear", Batman is under the influence of the Scarecrow's fear toxin and has a hallucination of his father being ashamed. In the episode "Dreams in Darkness", Batman is once again drugged with fear toxin and sees his parents walking towards a tunnel then runs towards them telling them to stop. They enter the tunnel, which is revealed to be the barrel of a giant gun, dripping blood. Batman screams as the world is bleached white and a loud shot is heard. In the episode "Two-Face", Batman has a nightmare failing to save the titular villain while his parents look on to which Thomas asks "Why couldn't you save us, son?". The series also makes use of the rose motif that the films Batman and Batman Forever associate with the murder. Bruce Wayne leaves roses at the site of his parents' murder on the anniversary of the event (as he does in the comics except that he leaves the roses on their graves). As in the comics, his friend Dr. Leslie Thompkins serves as one of his son's legal guardians. Thomas was also close friends with Dr. Matthew Thorne and Dr. Long (faculty of Gotham University).
  • Thomas Wayne appears in Justice League Unlimited, voiced again by Kevin Conroy. In the episode "For the Man Who Has Everything", Batman is temporarily trapped by the hallucinogenic plant Black Mercy where his perfect dream world shows his father fighting and disarming Joe Chill. Batman knows that this is not real, however, and so the Black Mercy plant is removed, ending the hallucination with the sound of a gunshot.
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